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2006 Poster Abstracts
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    On the role of antigen persistence for CD4+ T cell responses
    Reinhard Obst, Hisse-Martien van Santen, Christophe Benoist, and Diane Mathis   ... details
    A model for the study of MHC II presentation to antigen specific T cells in non-lymphoid tissue
    James B. McLachlan and Marc K. Jenkins   ... details
    A selective role for the Cav1.3 channel in TCR-mediated calcium influx in Th2 cells
    Abdallah Badou1, Wajahat Z. Mehal1, Jörg Striessnig3, and Richard A. Flavell1,2   ... details
    Generation of Protective HP CD8+ T-cells Requires CD4+ T-cell Help
    Sara E. Hamilton*, Monika C. Wolkers1, Stephen P. Schoenberger1, and Stephen C. Jameson*+   ... details
    A novel gene involved in thymocyte differentiation.
    Sebastien Vallee, Anil Munshi, Jeanette Ampudia, Marielena V. McGuire, Paul Fallen, James Bradley, Nicholas R. J. Gascoigne.   ... details
    Altered peptide ligands induce delayed and reduced CD8:CD3ζ interaction ?? a role for CD8 in distinguishing ligand quality
    Pia Yachi, Jeanette Ampudia, Tomasz Zal and Nicholas R.J. Gascoigne   ... details
    BR3 and TACI Differentially Mediate NF-κB Pathway Activation
    Jason Stadanlick, Jean Labriola Sholz, Juli Miller, and Michael Cancro   ... details
    Calcium Signaling of T cells during Early Antigen Encounter in Intact Lymph Node
    1Sindy H. Wei, 1Olga Safrina, 2Ian Parker, and 1Michael Cahalan   ... details
    Circulating Cytokines/Chemokines and Neutrophils Function in Patients with Fibromyalgia Syndrome
    Zhifang Zhang, John E. Shively   ... details
    Discovery of a novel perforin inhibitor within cytotoxic granules that halts RBC lysis and reduces T lymphocyte killing.
    David L. Tamang, Bryce Alves, Viki Elliot, Stephanie Fraser, Doug Redelman, Dorothy Hudig.   ... details
    Effects of aging on the immune response to AChR, the autoantigen in myasthenia gravis
    Earlanda Williams, Sue Stacy, and Ellen Kraig   ... details
    Effects of GATA-3 downregulation in early T cell development
    Deirdre D. Scripture-Adams and Ellen V. Rothenberg   ... details
    Jamie Schoenborn1, 2, Maria Shnyreva1, Deanna Gilbertson1, Chris Wilson.   ... details
    Loss of a Treg Population in Diabetes Prone NOD mice
    Ellen Young, Carmen Wong, Roland Tisch, Robert Maile, Lucinda Hensley, Jeffrey Frelinger   ... details
    Molecular mechanisms of class switch recombination in aCD38-activated B cells.
    Yumiko Tsukamoto, Atushi Sato, and Kiyoshi Takatsu   ... details
    Pivotal roles for the BAFF/BAFF-R and BAFF/TACI axes in B-cell responses analysed by new anti-human BAFF-R and TACI agonistic mAbs.
    Daisuke Sakurai   ... details
    Rbb2, a new BALB/c locus on chromosome 12 that confers resistance to autoantibody production in FcgammaR2-/- mice.
    Tatyana N Tarasenko, Silvia Bolland   ... details
    Regulatory T cell Expression of CCR4 is required to Prevent Cutaneous & Pulmonary Inflammation
    Blythe D. Sather1,2, Dora Gyarmati1, Mike Miazgowicz2, Jason D. Fontenot2, Alexander Y. Rudensky2 & Daniel J. Campbell1,2   ... details
    Spontaneous T lymphocyte responses to a widespread endogenous antigen in a transgenic mouse prostate cancer model
    Peter A. Savage, Virginia A. Pedicord, and James P. Allison   ... details
    STAT5- mediated signals sustain a TCR-initiated gene expression program towards differentiation of CD8 T cell effectors
    Grégory VERDEIL1, Denis PUTHIER2, Catherine NGUYEN2, Anne-Marie SCHMITT-VERHULST1 and Nathalie AUPHAN-ANEZIN1   ... details
    The effect of UV irradiated CD4 T cells on CD8 T cells during contact hypersensitivity
    Liangchun Wang and Kristin Hogquist   ... details
    The role of il2rβ in Foxp3 Expression and Generation of TR cells
    David M. Soper1,2, Deborah J. Kasprowicz1, Steven F. Ziegler1,2   ... details
    Visualization of a Primary Anti-tumor Immune Response by Positron Emission Tomography
    Chengyi J. Shu*, Shuling Guo â? , Young J. Kim â?¡, Stephanie M. Shelly §, Amar Nijagal*, Pritha Ray¶,Sanjiv S. Gambhir¶, Caius G. Radu*, Owen N. Witte*,â? ,§   ... details
    A novel autoinhibitory function of C2-like domain of PKCθ in regulating T cell activation
    Keitaro Hayashi, Amnon Altman   ... details
    Anil Munshi, Marielena V. McGuire, Jeanette Ampudia and Nicholas R.J. Gascoigne   ... details
    Kota Hatta1, Marianne J van den Heuvel2, Crystal Peralta3, B Anne Croy4 Victor K Han2.   ... details
    Crystal Peralta1, Marianne van den Heuvel2, Kota Hatta3, B. Anne Croy4, and Victor Han2.   ... details
    A radio-resistant cell in the lymph node mediates deletional tolerance of CD8 T cells for a skin antigen expressed in melanocytes and melanoma
    Lisa A Nichols, Teresa A Colella, Yiming Chen, Victor H Engelhard   ... details
    ALX negatively regulates T cell activation
    Claire E. Perchonock, Melissa C. Fernando, William J. Quinn III, Chau T. guyen, Jing Sun, Michael J. Shapiro, and Virginia Smith Shapiro   ... details
    Anti-HER2/neu-IFN-α fusion protein: a potent therapeutic for treatment of B cell lymphoma in vivo
    Tzu-Hsuan Huang, Sherie L. Morrison   ... details
    Autoreactive Pre-Plasma Cell Regulation
    Kara L. Conway, Donna A. Culton, and Stephen H. Clarke   ... details
    Autoreactive T Lymphocytes in Humans are Biased Toward a Th2 Cytokine Profile
    Neelufar Mozaffarian1,2, Alice E. Wiedeman2, and Anne M. Stevens2,3   ... details
    BCR Peptide-directed T Cell Help During a T-dependant Immune Response Results in Abortive Germinal Center Reactions.
    Ryan A. Heiser,1 Christopher M. Snyder2, Lawrence J. Wysocki1   ... details
    CEACAM1 expression in HL60 human acute promyelocytic leukemia cells under differentiation into neutrophil.
    Munetaka Ozeki and John Shively   ... details
    Characterisation of CD4+CD25+ cells in parasitic helminth induced regulation
    Constance A.M. Finney1, Mark S. Wilson1,2, Matthew D. Taylor1, Rick M. Maizels1   ... details
    CTLA-4 blockade and GMCSF combination immunotherapy alters the intra-tumor balance of effector and regulatory T cells without directly interfering with regulatory T cell activity
    Sergio A. Quezada*, Karl S. Peggs and James P. Allison,   ... details
    DAP12-mediated inhibition of Toll-like receptor responses
    Jessica A. Hamerman1, Jessica Jarjoura1, Nadia K. Tchao1,3, Mary Beth Humphrey4,6, Mary C. Nakamura4,6, Clifford A. Lowell5, William E. Seaman4,6 and Lewis L. Lanier1,2.   ... details
    Dendritic cells and macrophages display surface Sm that constitutively destabilizes the BCR complex.
    Diane G. Carnathan, Michelle Borrero*, and Barbara J. Vilen.   ... details
    Dendritic cells from lupus-prone mice are defective in repressing immunoglobulin secretion
    Mileka R. Gilbert, Diane G. Carnathan, Patricia C. Cogswell, Albert S. Baldwin, Jr,and Barbara J. Vilen   ... details
    Differential BLyS Receptor Expression and Responsiveness Following B cell Surface Molecule Ligation
    Jenni E. Crowley and Michael P. Cancro   ... details
    Diminished Palmitoylation of the Linker for Activation of T cells (LAT) in Anergic T cells
    Matthias Hundt1, Hiroki Tabata1, Myung-Shin Jeon1, Yuko Fukata2, Masaki Fukata2, and Amnon Altman1   ... details
    Lelia Delamarre, Rachael Couture, Ira Mellman and E. Sergio Trombetta   ... details
    James S. Rush, Man Liu, Valerie H. Odegard, Shyam Unniraman, David G. Schatz.   ... details
    FucT4/7 deficient regulatory T cells suppress liver inflammation but fail to rescue Scurfy mice from skin and lung associated autoimmune disease.
    Jan C. Dudda, Blythe D. Sather, Dora Gyarmati and Daniel J. Campbell   ... details
    Functional analysis of FOXP3
    Jared E. Lopes1,2, Lisa A. Schubert3, Troy R. Torgerson4, Hans D. Ochs4 and Steve F. Ziegler1,2   ... details
    Galectin-1-matured human monocyte-derived dendritic cells have enhanced migration through extracellular matrix
    Jennifer A. Fulcher , Sara Tajyar, Ernest L. Levroney , Mabel Pang, Linda G. Baum , and Benhur Lee    ... details
    Genome wide RNAi screen for components of an innate immune response
    John Cho, Yun-Cheol Kim, Sherie Morrison   ... details
    HIV-1 elicits a pDC dependent IFN-α response in the human thymus
    Arnaud D Colantonio1, Debbie Anisman-Posner1, Beverly Redsar1, Fabienne Ropers, Hergen Spits2,Bianca Blom2, Christel Uittenbogaart1   ... details
    Identifying Novel Regulators of CD28 Signaling in T Cells
    Anthony Pajerowski and Virginia Shapiro   ... details
    IL-6 regulates antigen-experienced B cells via an Erk-dependent mechanism
    Jennifer A. Rutan, Nikki J. Wagner, and Barbara J. Vilen   ... details
    Imprinting of Unique Differentiation Programs in ??Latecomer? and ??Earlybird? CD8 T cells
    Warren N. D'Souza and Stephen M. Hedrick   ... details
    In Vivo Activity of Inhibitors of TLR7 and TLR9 in Normal and Pathological Contexts
    Thea Meeker, Jean Chan, Josh Gregorio, Carlo Calacsan, Tracy Matray, Robert L. Coffman and Franck J.Barrat   ... details
    Inositol (1,4,5) trisphosphate 3 kinase B regulates the development, tolerance and activation of B lymphocytes.
    Andrew T. Miller, Yina H. Huang, Susan Sutton, Ben G. Wen, Karsten Sauer, and Michael P. Cooke*.   ... details
    Lack of an anti-parasitic effect of human chitotriosidase genotype in a malaria- and hookworm endemic region of Papua New Guinea
    Andrew J. Hall1, Rupert Quinnell2, Shaun Morroll1, and Franco H. Falcone1   ... details
    Lectin-like transcript-1 (LLT1) is a ligand for the inhibitory human NKR-P1A receptor
    David B. Rosen*, Jayaram Bettadapura#, Mohammed Alsharifi#, Porunelloor A. Mathew^, Hilary S. Warren2, #, and Lewis L. Lanier2, 3*   ... details
    Lsc regulates Marginal-Zone B cell migration and adhesion and is required for the IgM T-dependent primary antibody response.
    Anatoly Rubtsov, Pamela Strauch, Roberta Pelanda and Raul M. Torres.   ... details
    Maternal Microchimerism in Renal Injury, Inflammation and Regeneration
    Kendall M. Blair1, Jesus Lopez-Guisa1, Edward Fisher1, Richard Zager2,3, Anne M. Stevens1,4   ... details
    MHC class I-positive Dendritic Cells control CD8 T cell homeostasis and shape the repertoir of peripheral CD8 T cells in vivo
    Anton Gruber, Christine Ried and Thomas Brocker   ... details
    Myeloproliferative disease (MPD) in Id2 deficient mice and the downregulation of Id2 mediated by Bcr-Abl
    Jinkyung Ko, Richard R. Rivera, and Cornelis Murre,   ... details
    Oligonucleotide-based Inhibitors of TLR -7, -8 and -9 and thePotential for the Treatment of Systemic Lupus Erythematosusir (SLE)
    Jean H. Chan1, Thea Meeker1, Josh Gregorio1, Shizuo Akira2, Robert L. Coffman1, and Franck J. Barrat1   ... details
    On the role of antigen persistence for CD4+ T cell responses
    Reinhard Obst, Hisse-Martien van Santen, Christophe Benoist, and Diane Mathis   ... details
    PD-1:PD-L1 interactions contribute to functional suppression of HBV-specific CTLs in the liver.
    Holly Maier1, Masanori Isogawa1, Gordan J. Freeman2, Francis V. Chisari1   ... details
    Physiologic Modulation of Natural Killer Cell Activity As An Early Marker Of Alzheimer's Disease
    P Prolo1, A Angeli2, A Dovio2, F Chiappelli1, P Perotti2, M Pautasso3, ML Sartori2, S Mussino2, M Santoro4, L Saba2, F Fantó4, C Mocellini5, MG Rosso5, M Peano5, M Borgognone5, E Grasso5   ... details
    Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell-Specific Receptor ILT7/FcεRIγ Inhibits Toll-Like Receptor-Induced Interferon Production
    Wei Cao1, David B. Rosen2, Tomoki Ito1, Laura Bover1, Gokuran Watanabe1, Li Zhang3,Lewis L. Lanier2 and Yong-Jun Liu1   ... details
    Priming of lung innate immunity by CpG-ODN: Enhanced pulmonary protection to airborne pathogens
    Melissa Kachura1, Alya Zolotorev1, Jennifer O. Lizcano1, Edith M. Hessel1, Jennifer Berger2, Kevin Harrod2, Sarah Davis3, Brian K. Tarkington3, Londa Berghaus3, Laurel J. Gershwin3, Dallas M. Hyde3, Robert L. Coffman1, Holger Kanzler1   ... details
    Quantitating and visualizing CD8 T cell response to the intracellular parasite T. gondii
    Tatyana Chtanova1*, Marie Schaeffer1, Marc-Jean Gubbels2, Boris Striepen2, Ellen Robey1   ... details
    Real-Time Imaging of Thymocyte-Dendritic Cell Interactions in an Intact Thymic lobes
    Ena Ladi1, Tanja Schwickert2, Michel Nussenzweig2, and Ellen Robey1   ... details
    Self-antigen recognition causes T-cell activation and systemic inflammation in TGFβ1- deficient mice
    Ramireddy Bommireddy1, Leena J. Pathak 1, Jennifer Martin1, Gregory P. Boivin2, George F. Babcock3, 4, and Thomas Doetschman1   ... details
    Stability of TH1/Tc1 commitment to an effector lineage
    Meredith Mathis, SingSing Way, Jamie Schoenborn, Chris Wilson   ... details
    Structure/Function analysis of the αβTCR/CD3 complex
    Michael S. Kuhns and Mark M. Davis   ... details
    T cell-specific conditional deletion reveals essential function of TGFβ1 in T cell homeostasis
    M. Azhar, M.Yin, R. Bommireddy, J. Q. Yang, S. A. Pawlowski, J. J. Duffy, L. P. Sanford, C. Grisham, G. P. Boivin, G. F. Babcock, R. R. Singh, and T. Doetschman   ... details
    T1/ST2 is a negative regulator of Th2 cell-mediated allergic pulmonary inflammation.
    Niamh E. Mangan1, Astrid Lanoue2, Andrew McKenzie2 and Padraic G. Fallon1.   ... details
    The role of DRAK2 in autoimmunity of the central nervous system
    Maureen A. McGargill1, Ben G. Wen2, and Stephen M. Hedrick1   ... details
    The Role of TCR-MHC Interactions in Driving the Maturation of Recent Thymic Emigrants
    Evan Houston, Tamar Boursalian, Kristina Bavik, Gail Turk, Pamela Fink   ... details
    The size of the CD4 recall response is dependent on the original precursor number of antigen-specific cells.
    Megan MacLeod, Eric S. Huseby, Frances Crawford, John W. Kappler, Philippa Marrack.   ... details
    The sources and targets of IL-10 during DC-driven, polarised immune responses in vivo
    Georgia Perona-Wright1, Stephen J. Jenkins1, Alison Crawford1,2, David Gray1, Edward J. Pearce3 and Andrew S. MacDonald1   ... details
    Discovery of a pancreatic lipase in cytotoxic T lymphocytes.
    Bryce Alves, David Tamang, Chris Clark, Stephanie Fraser, Mark Lowe*, Doug Redelman, and Dorothy Hudig.   ... details
    Modeling T Cell Antigen Discrimination Based on Feedback Control of Digital ERK Responses(*)
    Gregoire Altan-Bonnet(1,2) & Ronald N. Germain (1)   ... details
    Presyndromic Detection of Host Response Biomarkers in a Mouse Cowpox Model
    Michael S. Ascher, Richard G. Langlois, Kenneth W. Turteltaub, Kevin S. McLoughlin and C. Rick Lyons   ... details
    Kristina M. Adams, M.D., Joelle Lucas, B.A., Nathalie C. Lambert, Ph.D., Timothy D. Erickson,B.S., Wendy Leisenring, ScD, and J. Lee Nelson, M.D.   ... details
    Mechanism of Third Signal Cytokines, IL-12 and IFN-α/β, in Programming CTL Differentiation
    Pujya Agarwal and Matthew F. Mescher   ... details

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